Inside the United States

Inside the United States

Welcome to Contracted Services – Inspections of Equipment

Travel will be portal to portal. Inspections begin quickly with SeaTac Airport only  one hour away. Inspector can be most anywhere in the country within a very short time.


Inspection Information

Specializing in Electrical installation and Electrical Instrumentation Inspections for all applications. Supporting your specifications and standards Inspector will hold vendor accountable.

Other inspection include inspection of Earthquake Prevention Systems.

Factory Inspections of E.P.S. equipment  (Jim on left)
Fire Suppression Equipment inspection.
Mixer Motor Testing for rotation, rpm, and sound transmission.
Crating Inspections. Along with equipment inspection before and after.
























hyperbaric chamber 5000 PSI

Sub-Sea Equipment Testing
















F.A.T. &  Electrical Instrumentation Inspections



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