About the Artist

About the Artist

The Stacks of Ruby Beach Painted by James Brown 2017

James Brown the Artist

After setting aside his oil paints in his early twenties, James Brown rekindled his passion for painting several years ago.   Known as the ”Rugged Coast Artist,” James is rapidly leaving his mark on the art world.  His use of oil paint showing how water can reflect the landscape and sky is an expression of his exotic vision of the elusive element of paint.  His ability to capture the excitement of water’s movement, coupled with the sheer magnificence of the landscape, provides a riveting picture of nature’s wonder. The clear enjoyment of his art is evident in his work and makes it easy to appreciate and to understand why James has won several awards for his unique style.  As James puts it, “Now that I agree that I am an artist, I want to turn my passion loose in everything I do.”

Artist Statement 

I grew up near Seal Beach in Southern California, where I spent every possible moment at the beach splashing in the surf.  I loved to ride my bike through the waves with my friends. Those memories are indelibly etched in my memory and over the years I have called on those experiences to bring out my relationship with the the pounding surf on canvas.

Oregon Sunrise Painted by James Brown 2017

I discovered the artist in me in the sixties after moving to Washington State.  I grew even more enamored with the waves along the coastlines of the  Pacific Northwest, I decided to explore the artist in me once again.

It is exciting for me to visit  these wonderful places along the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii’s Islands coasts, and even more satisfying to bring them to life with oil paint on canvas.  Inspired by these images, I attempt to translate them into bold, intimate experiences for the viewer.

I believe, for any artist to be successful, they must invite the viewer into the paintings. I invite you to sit back and enjoy my paintings and photographs I have selected for you. In Welcome Friends Tab (ABOVE) – Select Paintings & Photos.


James K. Brown



  • I want to thank my friend and mentor Byron Pickering for his patients and guidance.
  • I want to thank Linda Robertson for her assistance writing this page.




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